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I felt there was a connection between us, but when I finally did tell him, he was like a deer caught in the headlights, and I never heard from him again.It was the first time that autism scared someone away, and it hurt.Not necessarily – In their minds, your child’s special needs might make it too difficult to “be there” for him or her and the kids.Your child would always take precedence, and to avoid the risk of an emotional investment, most will play it safe and back out. In the following weeks, we see each other twice more and I get to the point where I feel comfortable telling her about my daughter’s autism. I explain that my daughter has autism, and over the next minute and a half, I see the spark fade from my date’s eyes.The School of “Sooner” To be up-front about your child’s autism, whether it’s mentioned on your dating profile or in the first few telephone conversations—or even the first meeting—is, to some, a way to “weed out” the unwilling or unable.Kim, a friend from California, had several instances where mentioning her child’s autism sooner put an abrupt halt to the new relationship. It would be nice to get close for a change, wouldn’t it? ” Having decided to create a different outcome, I ignore the angel’s advice. We discuss what autism means for my daughter, her challenges, her strengths and how I’ve been involved in advocacy for biomedical research, etc. While my date is outwardly interested, there is an air of concern in her voice and mannerisms, and I can tell she has some contemplating to do.

She’s a career woman, has a “type-A” personality, never been married, no children, clearly high maintenance. I can tell we’re done—the conversation that follows is feigned interest at best.

Colleen recounts a particularly painful story where she withheld discussing her son’s autism for over two months.

“It was probably about two and a half months and I had known him about two months before we dated.

I met his kids and we spoke about my kids, but I never mentioned autism.

I had feelings for him; I felt we were a lot alike.

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