Creationist claims radiometric dating

Clocks may be used to estimate how long a process has been taking place.All clocks (including radiometric ones) require the use of at least three assumptions.In fact, such young earth indicators are in the majority.But because the scientific establishment and the media are biased against a Creator, and because evolution requires an old earth to appear plausible, the public at large is rarely told about the mounting evidence that contradicts the belief in an old earth and the In the pages that follow we discuss 22 clocks, or indicators that the Earth and Universe are young.

A "clock" is any geophysical or astronomical process that is changing at a constant rate.

Helium is a byproduct of the radioactive decay of uranium-238 as it decays into various different elements into its final stable element: lead 206.

As it decays, the helium not only accumulates in the rocks themselves, but also escapes from them and accumulates in the earth's atmosphere.

As time passes, the amount of helium in the atmosphere increases.

Scientists have estimated the amount of uranium in the earth's crustal rocks.

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